Venturing into high end make-up…

I’ve always used drug store make-up since I had started to do make up. I found the quality to be good and when its such an affordable price I never thought about spending £30 on a foundation when I could buy one for under £10.

Recently I had, had some higher end make-up, make its way into my make up draw, which was either gifted or given through a make-up subscription box. I was almost intimidated to use it at first, scared to waste it by using either too much or not using it correctly. I soon came to realise these make- up products were amazing and I grew fond of the brands.

An example of this is the Huda Beauty winter highlighter pallet. The most I would normally spend on an highlighter would be under £15 so to have a highlighting pallet worth £40 was kind of a big deal to me. Of course I know that there are more expensive highlighters out there, but I personally do find £40 for a highlighting pallet expensive. However it is well worth the money and is an incredible product. If looking for a drug store highlighter I would highly recommend MUA’s highlighters as they have incredible pigment and shine for such a low price ( under £10).

Today I ventured further into the high end make-up brands and bought my first ever high end foundation, setting powder and primer. I bought from the brand Laura Mercier. I haven’t used these products yet, but will be sure to do an honest review of what I think of them and whether or not I would buy from this brand again. I will say i’m VERY excited to try them out. The foundation was £36.00, the setting powder was £30.00 and the primer was £30.50.

If anyone has any ideas for more reviews or products they can recommend I will be very grateful! Also what are your thoughts on both drug store and high end make-up?

Stay lovely!xx

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