OMG they’re amazing!

Hello my lovelies,

Recently I have had a couple of new eye shadow pallets come into my possession. They are INCREDIBLE. The pigmentation is amazing and they’re both so easy to work with. The pallets i’m currently loving are the Morphe 39A dare to create- artistry pallet and the Nars ignited pallet. This is my first time using eye shadow pallets from these brands, and I’m so impressed. I created a beautiful eye shadow look with both of the pallets.

This pallet retails for £34.00

The morphe pallets colour range is so versatile, from natural browns to bright blues to add a pop of colour. I only tend to use purple/ brown colours due to them making my green eyes pop. However I may begin to experiment with some more colours. The pan size for the pallet was a lot bigger than I expected, which is brilliant as it means more eye shadow!

The colours are so easy to blend, as well as being smooth and easy to apply- (chunky eye shadows are not my favourite, as I find the fall out to be a lot worse.) I have a lot of shimmery eye shadows in my collection, so it was nice having more matte shadows to choose from. The packaging was very simple and classic but effective.

The nars pallet was just as lovely, although smaller the quality was still excellent. This pallet has more glittery shades which is perfect over the eyelid for a bit of shimmer- Everyone loves a bit of shimmer and glitter. The bright white shimmer was perfect for putting in my inner colour to really open my eyes. There are also some lovely warm browns to create a natural look.

This pallet retails for £56.00

There was also a mirror! ( its the little things that impress me). I find it frustrating when you have a lovely eye shadow pallet but no mirror. Obviously I know you can just go and get a different pallet with a mirror or even a hand held mirror, but its so much more convenient when its just there ready to be used.

However I did find this product rather pricey compared to the morphe pallet. The packaging was very cute and bright which definitely helped to draw my attention to it.

I’m going to upload a look I created by using both of these pallets soon.



  • Colour range 5/5
  • Pigmentation 4/5
  • Value for money 4/5
  • Durability 4/5


  • Colour range 3/5
  • Pigmentation 4/5
  • Value for money 3/5
  • Durability 4/5

Stay lovely!xx

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