February Favourites (late)

Hello Lovelies,

I thought I would start doing my favourites of each month to show you what I’ve been loving and something to recommend to all of you. Each month ill do 4 products; a beauty product, a skin care product, a hair product and then a random item I’ve been loving.


I have been loving the brow contour pro by benefit. Its easy to use and has everything you need in one little pen. I haven’t used anything else on my brows since I got it last month. It’s incredibly pigmented and stays in place all day. I used to use a brown eye shadow to do my brows but they would often look smudgy and un shaped. However with this little beauty my brows are defined and picture perfect.

The eyebrow Pen is £29.99. It has 4 different sections: a dark shade, a light shade, a definer and a highlighter. The designs gives me a major throwback to school days using the multi coloured pull down pens.


Skin Care-

I have big pores that are hard to cover with make-up as they tend to just come through. Recently I have been using the figs and rouge hydro pore. This softens the appearance of pores as well as reducing oil in oily areas. I use this before applying my foundation on my nose and across the tops of my cheeks. It does help to reduce my pores as well as controlling the oil on my face. Its a very nice product and I think it will be a staple in my skin care routine before applying make-up.

The price of the hydro pore soft focus is £35.00.


Hair product-

All I want in a shampoo and conditioner is for my hair to be soft and silky, to smell amazing and to not look so dull. I’ve tried so many shampoos and conditioners all ranging in price that don’t tick all my boxes for my hair type. I have long thick hair that gets dry quickly, so I want a shampoo and conditioner to put some moisture in my hair that stays. I’ve always loved the Alberto balsam sun kissed raspberry shampoo and conditioner. It smells INCREDIBLE and my hair will continue to smell like raspberries for days. My hair is so soft and shiny and looks healthy. The best part is that it’s so affordable!

The price for the shampoo is £1.00 and £1.00 for the conditioner as well. It’s easy to find in most drug stores,super markets and chemists. I often get mine from Boots.


Random favourite-

My random favourite has to be a recent candle that I bought. I always have candles in my room and I like to change them depending on the time of year. As spring is approaching I like to have my fresh sweeter smells to fill the air. When in pound land I came across some of their candles. I picked up the sugared almond scent. I used it for the first time the other night and it smelt so lovely and fragrant. It also lingered in the air after it had been blown out. They had a few other scents but this was my favourite from what I did try.

Candles can also be expensive and hard to find nice ones that fill the room with fragrance. This only cost me £1.00 and i’m chuffed to pieces!

I hope you enjoyed and let me know what some of your favourites are so I can give them a try!

Stay Lovely!xx

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