4 Baking tips for perfect bakes.

Hello Lovelies!

I love baking however it can get confusing having so many different websites telling you what to do and what not to do.

Here are my little tips in order to make baking more enjoyable,less stressful and more efficient!

Step 1

Baking is a science! When baking you cant always just wing it and hope for the best because it probably wont go as you want it to. Weigh out your ingredients and don’t add anything that can change the consistency. Even something small like adding marshmallows to a cupcake batter can cause the cupcakes to come out not as expected.

By adding marshmallows you’re also adding sugar, there fore your hopes and dreams will come crashing down when a sad dry, collapsed cupcake comes out of the oven. Research a recipe that has the right quantity of a certain ingredient to add, that way everything is evened out and it should all go to plan.

Step 2

I think we have all been there when mixing up the batter after adding the eggs and the mixture has curdled. OH NO WHAT A DISASTER…

It really inst a disaster my batter ALWAYS curdles and yet it never effects the outcome of my baked treats. I have tried every method to avoid curdling and yet it always happens.

If your mixture curdles, don’t freak out its not the end of the world. Simply finish adding the eggs to your butter and sugar mixture and then add your sifted flour. It will fix the batter I promise.

Step 3

This is totally optional but I always find it better to whisk, mix and kneed by hand. Although it can take longer and seems silly when a machine can do it for you, but I honestly believe my baking is better when not mixed by a machine. When using a kitchen aid or whatever, it’s very easy to overwork the dough or mixture which can cause the final product to be dry or dense.

When mixing by hand you can see and feel when the mixture is right meaning your product will come out, moist ( I hate that word) and light as a feather.

Step 4

Egg shell in the batter will forever be annoying but the simplest and cleanest way to get the egg shell out is by using another piece of egg shell. Honestly. Try it. Take a bigger bit of egg shell and scoop it out. It will stick to the bigger piece of egg shell meaning it wont keep sliding down the bowl.

No one becomes a professional baker over night and sometimes baking can go wrong for no particular reason. Keep practising and trying different recipes and it will soon come naturally to you.

I hope you enjoyed my tips for baking and I hope they help you out the next time you’re baking!

Stay Lovely!xx

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