Easy- pink sparkle eye look.

Hello lovelies!

Today I have for you a easy 3 shadow make-up look using a morphe and nars pallet. This look is sparkly and fun and would of looked better if I had some eyelashes to hand!

I love using pink and purple tones when doing eye make- up as it makes my green eyes pop.

I achieved this make-up look by using the morphe artistry pallet, dare to create 39A and the Nars ignited pallet.

I started by priming my eyelids with my primed and ready collection primer. Although a face primer, I find it works just as well as an eye shadow primer.

I then took create from the morphe pallet and ran that along my crease and taking it slightly higher towards my brow bone, using a thin slightly fluffy eye shadow brush ( sorry I don’t know the name or brand of the brush its an old one in my collection!) I personally don’t bring eye shadows up to high unless its a more natural colour.

I then took bare from the morphe pallet and covered my eyelid. I then went in again with create to blend the two colours together. Taking my fluffy blending brush I blended both of the colours again as well as blending out my crease.

I then put create on the outer corner of my eye as well as under my eye.

Moving on the nars pallet, I put atomic across my lid as well as in the inner corner and slightly under my eye. I used my finger for this and dabbed it on using another clean finger to blend it into the other colours.

I finished it off with a subtle wing by using the Steve Laurent precision tip liner as well as a few coatings of mascara- max factor lash crown.

Time taken- 10 to 15 minutes.

Difficulty- 2/5

Stay lovely!xx

Products used:


Morphe pallet-

Nars pallet-



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