March Favourites 2019

Hello lovelies,

Here are my favourites of march.


During march I was loving the Model Launcher safari bronzer. I’ve had this product for a while but never got round to using it. I LOVED it so much. I don’t like an intense bronzed or contoured look and this did just the job for a more natural looking bronzed look. The product itself is beautiful and the design isn’t ruined after used, which is a nice bonus. Although not the cheapest bronzer out there it is so bendable and I will definitely continue to use! 100 percent recommend!

Prize of the safari bronzer- £20.71 ( converted from $27.00)

Skin care-

I have been loving the Bare minerals skinlongevity vital power infusion serum for after I have finished cleansing my face. This serum is so soft on the skin and leaves you feeling refreshed. I use this every morning and every night and my skin has been feeling amazing! It also smells very fresh which is a nice wake me up for my skin in the morning. Again this isnt the cheapest serum out there but it really has done wonders to my skin. Unfortunately I only have the 7.5 ml bottle but I may just have to buy a bigger bottle so I don’t run out so fast…

Price of Bare minerlas serum- £48.00 for a 50ml bottle

Hair care-

My hair at the moment is so dead and lifeless and not really doing much of anything. That was until I did a few treatments with the Argan oil repairing deep conditioner. After a few uses my hair felt so healthy and as if I had just had an expensive treatments done in a salon. The best part is that its so affordable! This hair mask strengthens the hair as well as hydrating. It is also free from sulphates, parabens, pthalates, gluten and drying alcohol- all products that are not always the best for your hair. I have already used one of my 50ml packets and have just purchased another one.

Price of the Hask hair mask- £2.49 BARGAIN

Random favourite-

I hate (just like most people) cleaning my make up brushes, its a long tedious task that I would rather not do. For my birthday this year my sister got me an electronic Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer and it has changed everything. This little beauty is easy to use and cleans your brushes in seconds. It is also fun to use and I actually enjoyed using it a lot. All you need is water and whatever soap or cleaning material you prefer to use. I like to use fairy washing up liquid for mine as it protects and softens my brush hairs. This is definitely worth the try!

Price of the brush cleaner- £29.69

Leave any of your march favourites bellow!

Stay Lovely!xx

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