All of my piercings, including pain scale.

I am a bigggggg piercings fan and love them on other people and I love the few that I have on my self. I would love to get some more piercings but in truth they are expensive and they do hurt both getting done and the healing so I’m pretty happy with my 12 ( including sets- eg set of lobes).

My first ever piercing- First lobes ( both ears)

I don’t actually remember how old I was or how much I thought it hurt but i’m sure I didn’t react to much. Like most girls I got mine done in Claires.

Pain level- 2/10

My second- second lobes (both ears)

Again done at Claires. I remember it hurting more than I was expecting but not terrible. I believe I was around 12 years old.

Pain level- 2.5/10

My thrid- double helix ( left ear)

I was so nervous to get this done as I went to a proper piercing shop and I considered this my first ‘proper’ piercing. I also had two done at the same time. I was 14 when I got this done. It didn’t necessarily hurt it was more of a hot sharp pain.

Pain level- 3.5/10

My fourth- Tragus (right ear)

I have actually removed my tragus piercing now due to it constantly have keloids and always being uncomfortable to sleep on. This was my experience with my tragus and it wont always be the same for every person. No matter what I cleaned my tragus with I always had bumps. This was the first piercing with an actual amount of pain when getting it pierced. It wasn’t that bad look back on it compared to my other piercings but 15 year old me was a bit of a drama queen.

Pain level- 4.5/10

My fifth- Forward helix (left ear)

This is one of my favourite piercings as it’s so cute, the healing was easy and it’s never uncomfortable to lay on. I do occasionally get keloids on it but they go away once I’ve applied some tea tree oil to it. I was 15 when I had this pierced.

Pain level- 4/10

My sixth- Daith ( left ear)

I read somewhere that daith piercings are really good to have if you suffer from frequent migraines or headaches. I have always suffered from a young age from migraines to the point of having permanent medication to help reduce and ease them. The daith didn’t help but it was really cute. This one did hurt but the healing process was a dream. As it is so tucked away in your ear it doesn’t get knocked or hit and you can sleep on it easily. I love my little daith piercing. I was again 16 when I had this pierced.

Pain level- 6/10

My seventh- Rook ( right ear)

Another easy healer this piercing is actually a good piercing to get if your worried about pain as I didnt find it hurt at all. It’s also great becuase it’s hard to knock or hit meaning you dont get that awful throbbing feeling. I was 16 when I had this pierced.

Pain levle 3/10

My eighth- Helix ( right ear)

I have my helix quite low down on my right ear as I didn’t want it to be symmetrical to my left ear. This was the exact same as my double helix as its roughly in the same area with the same amount of cartilage. I do tend to catch this one a lot on my hair brush or on a towel as I have quite a big ball on it. Over all however it isn’t too bad healing wise. I was 17 when I had this pierced.

Pain level- 3.5/10

My ninth- Orbital ( right ear)

OUCH this one in my experience hurt the most out of all my piercings. Obviously with this piercing it hurt more as there is a lot more cartilage it has to go thorough compared to the others. However the healing was easy as it fits snugly inside your ear. At the moment I only have a stud, but I am planning on getting the hoop. I was again 17 when I got this pierced.

Pain level- 8/10

First Picture I took when I got my nose re-pierced.
(excuse the no make up)

My tenth- Nose piercing ( left side)

I wouldn’t say this was horrendously painful but it was pain full. I found that it was a different kind of pain from ear piercing as it was a lot more sharp. It also made my eyes water like mad which didn’t help. I had this done originally when I was 16 and had just finished secondary school but had to take it out for a job I worked at. However as soon as I left that job I got it re pierced at 17 where I started the job I am currently in.

Pain level- 7.5/10

Everyone’s experience with piercing pain is different and some may find it hurts more or less than what I have said.

All I want to say is think before you get a piercing because they can scar-which you can see from my tragus. However as long as you keep the clean and make sure you have the right size in your piercings will be find and you won’t even know they are there!

Stay Lovely!xx

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