Dramatic purple and blue toned eye look

I was so happy with how this look came out as it was dramatic and out of the ordinary of what I normally do. It also made my eyes pop and stand out.

I also added false eyelashes to this look. I’m a bit rusty with false eyelashes as I never wear them. It took me ages to put them on and even then I don’t think I did it quite right, however practise makes perfect!

To start as always I prepped my eyes with the collection
primed and ready. I also applied tape from the outer corner of my eye toward the end of my brow.

Next I covered my entire lid with the shade create with my finger. This is a beautiful deep pink this was from my Morphe 39A pallet.

I then took shade 15 from the MUA cosmic vixen pallet on the Morphe M321 brush and ran that along my crease, taking it higher towards my brow bone. I then used the Morphe E22 brush to blend that out.

I then took forever from the Morphe pallet and ran that along my crease taken it the tiniest bit higher using the Morphe E36 brush to blend in with shade 15.

To bring it all together and make it stand out I took Dare me from the morphe pallet and dabbed it in the middle of my crease using my little finger. Due to it being very pigmented it didn’t take long before the colour built up as I wanted it to. I then went back in with create on the Morphe M213 and placed more on the outer corner of my eye and meeting it slightly with dare me. I then did the same to the inner corner taking it back slightly to meet with the blue.

I then took Morphe E18 to blend those colours together slightly.

I then added a black wing and peeled the tape of slowly- its so satisfying!

I added dare me under my eye starting from the outer corner and going just past the centre of under my eye. I then took create and blended it from the end point of dare me towards the inner corner of my eye. On top of create I added tailor to make a more purple toned colour with a slight blue shimmer.

To finish I battled with my lashes which I got from amazon. I will leave a link to the lashes I used.

I also added a thin coat of mascara to blend the lashes into my own lashes more. I also added a coat of mascara on my bottom lashes.

I hope you enjoyed this look, I had a lot of fun creating it!

Stay Lovely!xx

Time taken– 35 minutes. Difficulty– 4/5

Products used-

Eye primer-

Morphe pallet-

MUA pallet-





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