Function of beauty custom shampoo- is it worth the money?

For ages I was seeing ads for the function of beauty shampoo and conditioners and I was intrigued to what it actually was.

Function of beauty is a brand were you can customise your own shampoos and conditioners in order to perfectly suit your hair.

I thought the concept was good and thought I would try it out.

To start with you take a hair quiz to determine what kind of hair you have, what you want your shampoo to do ( volumise, strengthen, oil control etc.) and the scent and colour that you want.

You can then choose if you want both a shampoo and conditioner or just one of the other. You can also choose the size.

For my shampoo and conditioner I chose-

Hair type- straight hair

Hair structure- medium

Scalp moisture- medium

My fiver hair goals- Strengthen, Hydrate, Oil control, Shine and Volumise.

I then chose the scent cherry bl(awesome) and choose for the scent to be strong.

You can then put your name on the bottle and choose the colour.

For the shampoo I chose a dark pink and for the conditioner a lighter pink.

I then chose the 473ml shampoo and conditioner.

I also chose the 3 month plan so every 3 months I get a new set.

Altogether it came to £39.00 which is pricey for shampoo but if its perfect for my hair then i’m happy.

It took around a month in total to come ( I did have some shipping problems which prolonged the delivery.)

The packaging was lovely!

Inside you get your shampoo and conditioner, 2 pumps, your order showing the ingredients and what you chose on the hair quiz and a set of stickers to put on your bottles ( I absolutely loved the idea of this!)

First of all the smell was incredible it was such a clean, sweet smell I was very happy with my choice.

Second I love the little inspirational words on the stickers as it promotes confidence and beauty which I will always support and promote.

So far a big thumbs up.

The first wash-

I was excited to use these and used them as soon as I got them ( luckily it was hair wash day!)

They lathered up so nicely and you didn’t need a lot to cover your hair. I have long hair so I was worried that I would use up the bottle in a matter of 2 weeks however I didn’t need as much as I thought.

The whole bathroom smelt so strongly of the cherry blossom and so did my hair.

After I had left the conditioner in for a few minutes, I washed it out and I could already feel how soft my hair was.

Once out of the shower I towel dried my hair and gave it a brush. Normally with my standard shampoo and conditioners, I have a bit of fight getting the knots out of my hair, but after my function of beauty shower the brush just glided through with hardly any trouble. I was already IN LOVE.

Once my hair was completely dried it was smooth and just felt healthier. I didn’t see much difference in volume or shine but it was the first wash.

After 2 weeks-

2 weeks of using this shampoo and it was the same experience as day 1. However now my hair is a lot more shiner and I can see a slight amount of volumising. I’ve had so many compliments from people saying how healthy my hair looks. I also cannot get over how good my hair smells!

I am so so happy with my new products and I will be keeping my subscription.

This is definitely worth the money in my opinion.

If you would like to try function of beauty out, click the link bellow and start your hair quiz!

Stay Lovely!xx

Function of beauty:

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