GlossyBox May review 2019

Another glossybox review, one of my favourite things to review because I hardly ever hate any of the products! This month was especially good as there was a weird and wonderful product.

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Lets get into the review!

Flawless chisel cheeks contour cream kit- Barry M

I have never really used cream make up products like contour or blush as I always go for powder over cream. I worry that the cream product will make my face more oily and less matte. I’m very intrigued to use this pallet and see how I get on. The pallet contains 3 contour shades and 3 highlighting colours. I like that the colours vary for different skin types. On the colours I don’t use for contour or highlight I can always use within an eyeshadow look. I’m very excited to use this!

Price- £7.99

After mask vitamin serum- Mudmasky

I have received this brand in a glossy box before and I loved it then and I love it now! I was so excited about this product that I used it straight after a facemask to help keep in all the goodness. This serum is ideal for when you’ve just had a facemask on and you want to preserve all the vitamins and oils on your face. You can also use this serum on its own without using a facemask before hand. You can also use it as a night serum. This serum feels so lovely on the skin (especially after a hot relaxing bath, as it cools the skin and leaves you feeling refreshed!) I can see myself re- buying this product in the future!

Price- £34.19

Nail berry- Paris-london

I love a nail polish and I now have quite a collection growing! I enjoy wearing bright and dark colours and I especially love a muted pink colour as it complements my skin tone as well as being more suitable for work. This nail colour was in the shade love me tender. This nail polish is also said to be oxygenated, meaning that its more breathable than other nail polishes. I’m excited to give this a try.

Price- £14.50

Naturline- beauty kitchen

I own a lot of different lip balms that either plump or tint or sparkle or give a shiny or matte look to your lips. I don’t however have many straight forward natural lip treatment balms, that don’t have much scent or colour but do exactly what they’re meant to do. I keep this little tin in my bag for work as its easier to put on and its just a simple balm to hydrate my lips. I love that it has all natural products with minimal ingredients. I love this little balm and its nice to have a simple lip balm in my collection.


Shake and shot rubber firming mask- Dr.jart+

The best for last I would say. When I first saw this product I was confused, a little weirded out but mainly intrigued as to what the hell it was. The first thing I saw was a purple baby face staring at me (only slightly creepy). Upon reading it further I realised it was a rubber firming face mask. I tried this product out straight away as I was so excited to see how it would feel and if it actually worked. Inside there are two packets of solutions that you pour inside the cup which you then shake. In seconds the solutions mix and a thick slimy liquid is made. They give you a plastic stick to apply the mix to your face. Once dried- it takes around 20 to 30 minutes, the mask turns into a firm rubber texture that peels off in one ( It’s VERY satisfying!!) The face mask does leave your face feeling firmer, as well as softer and regenerated. It’s so weird but I love it and I will be buying another one!

Price-$12 or £9.44

I loved this glossybox and I’m already excited for my next one.

Stay lovely!xx

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