Pretty pink eye look

I love this eye look as it’s both subtle and enduring. I love the pink winged eye as its not as harsh as a standard black wing would be. I love the depths of the different colours and how beautifully they flow together.

This is such an easy look to do as well as it being so versatile. You can change the pink for blue, red, brown or any other colour of your preference. I like this pink as it makes my eyes pop and goes nicely with my skin tone. I wear a lot of pink on my eyes.

To do this eye look I used the Morphe 39A pallet and the Nars ingnited pallet. I also only used Morphe brushes for this look. As always I will put everything bellow.

To start this look I primed my eye lids with the primed and ready by collection.

Next I took passion on the M321 and ran that along my crease taking it higher towards my brow bone. I tend to make a sort of oval shape from the outer corner of my eye, going back to just before the inner corner of my eye. It looks a bit strange at first but once you’ve blended it out it’s all okay!

Then I took the E17 and blended that out, up higher towards and slightly past my brow bone.

I then took slice on the E36 and ran it along my crease and slightly on the outer corner of my eye. I only used a tiny bit due to this colour being very pigmented and I didn’t want a really dark eye. I then blended it out with the E17 combining slice and passion together until they were merged and blended perfectly.

To add a pop of sparkle I added trendy to my lids with the M213 and blended it with slice with the same brush. I didn’t do a cut crease for this look but you definitely could to make the glitter pop more.

Over the top of trendy I added atomic from the Nars pallet to lighten it up and add more sparkle. I also put atomic on the inner corner of my eye. I used my finger to do this.

I went back in with passion and added that on my lower lash line with the M213.

I didn’t actually have a pink eye liner so I used create from the Morphe pallet on an angled brush. I used the E29 which is meant for eyebrows, but I found it worked perfectly for my eyeliner.

To create my wing, I dipped the angled brush in a tiny bit of water. You don’t want the brush to be wet just damp. This helps to deepen the colour as well as making it easier to apply.

I then pressed the angle of the brush to make a line where I wanted my wing. I normally place it at the outer corner and angle it slightly towards the end of my eyebrow. I then thickened it slightly and took it just above my upper lash line. (I’m terrible at explaining how to do winged eyeliner, its much easier to experiment yourself and find the best way to suit you!)

To finish the look I added a few coats of black mascara to my top and bottom lashes using my normal lash crown mascara.

Difficulty- 3/5

I hope you enjoyed this look!
Stay lovely!xx

Products used-

Eye primer-

Morphe pallet-

Nars pallet-


Eye shadow brushes-

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