Glitter fade look

After quite a long time away from blogging I’m back with a beautiful glitter fade eye shadow look. This look has red and pink tones with a gorgeous glitter to top. I love how this look came out.

This eye shadow look is very similar to my other eye shadow looks so if you would like to see how I do these looks then you can click on a link bellow, that will take you to another eye shadow look. I will give a brief description of the shades I used and what I used them for.

With the glitter to top I found it was easier to dab the glitter in the places I wanted it with a small brush, as I had more control and it made the glitter pop more.

I started with shade 6 from the mua pallet for my crease.

Next I used cherry red shimmer from the Huda beauty pallet to darken the crease after blending shade 6.

Then I concealed my lid and used peach matte from the Huda beauty pallet all over my lid.

I then went in with shade 5 from the mua pallet and placed it on my outer corner and bringing it slightly across my lid. I also placed this on my lower lash line

I then dabbed the glitter shade show of from the Morphe pallet on the rest of my eye on top of peach matte.

I again went back in with shade 5 and blended it with the glitter slightly.

I then used catch the light from the Morphe pallet in my inner corner and on my brow bone.

To finish I used rocks on from the Morphe pallet, on a damp angled brush to achieve my eye liner wing.

I applied my lashes to finish the whole look as well as a think coat of mascara on my lower lashes.

Mua cosmic vixen.

Morphe 39s pallet.

Huda beauty ruby obsessions.

My lashes:


More detailed description on my technique-

Difficulty: 3/5 Time taken- 20 minutes

Stay lovely!xx

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