Pop of red eye look

I have been experimenting with different eye shadow looks and doing looks that I wouldn’t normally do.

I was never a big fan of red/ orange with my skin tone but after using it with this glitter I love it!

This look is very eye catching and made my eyes stand out so much. It will definitely make green eyes pop!

To make this look I used the

Nars – ignited pallet

I used Supernova and light it up from this pallet.

Mua- cosmic vixen

I used shade 6 and 8 and 5 from this pallet.

Morphe 39s- such a gem.

I used flaunt it from this pallet.

I started by applying shade 6 in my crease and taking it higher towards my brow bone. I then blended that out with a fluffy brush.

I then placed flaunt it just above it and blended it with the same fluffy brush until it was completely blended together.

I then placed shade 8 on my outer corner bringing it in slightly. I also added shade 5 on just the outer corner and blended that with shade 8 using a small blending brush.

I then took a small amount of concealer on a small thin brush and concealed my lid. I only placed concealer where shade 8/5 ended and then took it over my lid until my inner corner. You don’t want to go higher than your natural crease of your lid or you will ruin the blending you had done prior.

I then added supernova on top of where I had just put concealer. I started with a small flat brush and then went back over it with my finger.

On top of supernova I added light it up on my inner corner and taking it slightly over into the middle of my lid with my finger.

I then placed shade 6 under my eye and blended that with a fluffy blending brush. I also took light it up slightly under the inner corner of my eye.

To finish I applied a very thin layer of eye liner to my top lash line and then added black eyeliner to my upper and lower water line.

A few coats of black mascara to my top and bottom lashes and finished!

I hope you enjoyed this look.

Stay lovely!xx

Products used-

Mua cosmic vixen. https://www.muastore.co.uk/makeup/eyes/eyeshadow/eyeshadow-palettes/mua-professional-15-shade-eyeshadow-palette-cosmic-vixen

Morphe 39s pallet.


Nars- ignited.


Water line eye liner-





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