July favourites

I have had so many favourites this months that it’s hard to chose which ones I loved the best. However here are 4 of my favourites!


I have been loving the huda beauty eye shadow pallets. I have two at the moment and they’re are just stunning. The pigmentation is amazing and the glitters are so shimmery and glittery. They are very easy to blend and also aren’t that expensive considering how good the quality is. If you’re looking for a small eye shadow pallet then I would definitely recommend these. I use these a lot in my eye shadow looks.

Price: £27.00


Skin care-

I bought a load of face masks from primark to stock up. I bought lots of different types and scents to try. There face masks are lovely and leave your skin feeling fresh and soft. I use one of these either in the bath or too just rewind and relax after a busy week at work. These face masks are so inexpensive yet work perfectly well.

Can be bought in store at Primark

Ranging from £0.80p to £2.00


I am always searching for a new perfume that I can use as an everyday perfume so I don’t use my more expensive ones as quick. I find that the perfumes that are cheaper never stay on for a long time and just don’t smell as nice. However I went into new look and found a pretty cheap perfume that smelt amazing! I have had so many compliments on people asking what perfume I’m wearing. It also lasts for a pretty good amount of time. I have already bought a new bottle ready for when I run out!

Can be bought in store at New look

Hair care-

I have never really used dry shampoo as I found it made my hair look worse then it did prior putting the dry shampoo on. Recently however I have been using the Batiste dry shampoo and it has worked wonders! This dry hair shampoo makes your hair feel light and clean as well as leaving your hair volumized and smelling clean and fresh. Its perfect to just extend you hair for one more day. I have been using the original one but I may venture into some different ones and see if I like them just the same.

Price: £1.99


I hope you enjoyed!
Stay lovely!xx

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