August Glossy box 2019- Birthday edition

I missed last months glossy box as there was so much going on and I simply forgot. However I’m back with this months and its absolutely gorgeous! everything is rainbows and sparkles with this box and I love it!

Furr lashes- eye lash curler

I had been saying to my self that I needed to get a new eye lash curler as mine is a bit crusty dusty. So I was pretty happy to receive this as I didn’t now have to go out and buy one! I have already tried it out and it worked fabulously. It does everything its meant to do and its also very pretty as its a lovely rose gold colour. It was quite a pricey eye lash curler but if you’re looking for a new one I would recommend it.

Price- £15.00

Imperial leather- foam burst

I’m always happy with anything from imperial leather as it always smells amazing and always leaves my skin feeling silky smooth. I was happy to see this mini as I hadn’t tried it yet. This smelt amazing, there are no words to describe how amazing it smelt. The scent on the bottle is golden amber and coconut. I will be using this to either wash and moistures my skin or use it to shave my legs. If I see this in store I will definitely be picking it up!

Price- £2.00 (for mini 75ml) £5.00 ( full size 200ml)

Huda beauty- lip strobe

Its hard to tell in the picture that its Huda beauty due to the light so apologies for that! I was surprised to see this in my glossy box, yet also very happy as I love a lot of the Huda beauty range. I hadn’t actually seen this before however I was very excited to give it a try. You could receive 1 of 4 shades. I received ritzy champagne and it is a gorgeous colour. I will probably wear this on top of a red lip to give it a shimmery gold finish.

Price- £17.00—ritzy/HB00202.html

Bang beauty- eye liner

The packaging of this product caught my eye first due to it being holographic and beautiful. I love an eye liner especially finer tipped eyeliners. I havent got the most steady hand so I need an eyeliner that is easy to hold and use. This eyeliner looks like it will be good to use due to it being quite thin and light. It will be like holding a pen or pencil. I’m very excited to use this and see how pigmented it is and how my eyeliner turns out. Again 10/10 for packaging.

Price- £15.75

Felt Tip Precise Eyeliner

Beauy pro- eye therapy

I have never used just an eye mask, I always use full face masks but never one solely for my eyes. I was intrigued when I saw this product as I hadn’t tried anything like it. This product is a mask with green tea extracts, Aloe Vera and collagen. It is meant to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, dark circles and swollen eyes. It is also meant to brighten tired looking eyes. I’m excited to give this a go and I hope it does everything it says!

Price- £1.65 ( mini 3.5g) £4.95 ( full size 10.5g)

EYE THERAPY Under Eye Mask

Price of all the products- £51.40 paid £13.25

I was also pleasantly surprised to see a coupon for a free body wash and free wipes from pure sensitive. I do have sensitive skin and I’ve never tried their wash or wipes before so I’m excited to give these a try. It’s also a bonus considering they’re free!

I always love my glossy boxes and if you would like to subscribe to glossy box and have a monthly subscription then just click this link-

Thank you for reading.

Stay lovely!xx

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