Feel good word jar

I love buying people presents but I love making them even more. Birthdays and Christmas’s can also get pretty expensive so if you can save some money on a few presents it’s a bonus.

I made this jar for someone’s birthday and they loved it. This jar is filled with positive words as well as little reminders that they can just relax and have a break once in a while. This present is ideal for people that might have anxieties or just a lot of stress.

It’s a nice little pick me up if they are ever feeling down or alone.

To describe the jar in a rhyme I came up with this-

Here’s a little jar,

That will make you happy by far.

Take this piece of paper,

and make of what it says.

For here are things to help you feel loved and less stressed,

When things don’t seem to go so blessed.

Relax into the words and let them dance over your thoughts,

As this little piece of paper will help make sense of it all,

Once your done put it aside and give the jar a shake for the next time.

Obviously you can change the words and make them more personal to the person. I also decorated it with ribbon and sparkly stick on words.

To make the little notes inside I used sparkly paper and wrote inspiration quotes as well as genuinely nice things to make someone smile. My sister- the person I made the gift for, is also a big Disney fan so I chucked some Disney quotes in there as well.

Its such a thoughtful gift without costing a lot of money or taking up a lot of time.

I’ll leave bellow the jars I used.

Stay lovely!xx

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