4 product empties

I have tired so many amazing products lately that I wouldn’t normally try or use with in my everyday life. Here are a few that I’ve ran out of and will be re purchasing!

I have been loving the benefit brow contour eyebrow pencil, I have already gone through 2! It is so easy to use and has everything you need with in one pen. This brow product helps to draw my arch on and to shape my brows without them looking too blocky or dark. I haven’t used anything else on my brows for a while and I don’t think I will unless something really blows my mind.


Price- £29.00

The Avon Hydrate and Protect Facial Mist is another favourite of mine recently. I’ve been using it everyday once I have wash and moisturised my face. It has been especially nice with all the hot weather as it’s refreshing and cooling. It also smells very clean and fresh. It was also a very reasonable price which has made me re buy the product. I occasionally will spray it over my make up in order to revitalise and refresh my skin. If you’re looking for a new hydrating spray I would definitely recommend this.


Price- £4.00

This isn’t the exact one I use but it is pretty much the same just a different scent!

I have been using a sleeping mask a couple of times a week. I simply put the Dr Botanical regenerating sleeping mask on after I have washed and cleansed my face. The reason I love this mask so much is because it doesn’t feel like you have anything on your face which makes sleeping in it easier. In the morning I continue with my normal skin care routine. My skin in the morning feels so soft and refreshed as if I had just had a facial done! I love this mask and would highly recommend it. https://drbotanicals.com/collections/night-moisturisers/products/artichoke-superfood-firming-night-moisturiser-discovery-size

Price £9.90

I think I have an actual addiction to the cosmic unicorn shower gel and bubble bath from imperial leather. I must have gotten through at least 15 bottles of it over this year so far. I can’t pin point the smell exactly but it’s very fruity. The smell stays on your skin for hours after as well, making the whole bathroom smell incredible. It also makes loads of bubbles when having a bubble bath. The packaging is also very cute I have resulted in buying bottles of it in bulk! It’s also very reasonably priced which is always an added bonus!


Price- £1.00

Stay lovely!xx

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