Holographic glitter eye look

This look is full glam and absolutely stunning. The glitter when it catches the light is simply magical! I love the little star on the end of the wing.

With a natural brown shadow underneath it really makes the glitter pop and shine. I love the sparkly black crease wing as it adds something a little extra to the look. The lashes give it that finishing touch.

The glitter I used in this look was from EMC cosmetics. They sell a wide range of beautiful glitters.

The best part is if you use creativelovelies at checkout you will receive 10 percent off your purchase!

I bought 3 glitters and I couldn’t be happier. They are also so reasonably priced.

let’s get wild

This stunning holographic glitter has both small and chunky glitters with stars, hexagons and larger circles added in. This is the glitter I’m wearing in my eye look. The glitter is a glitter gel rather than being loose glitter meaning it doesn’t fall out and sticks to your eyelid easily. You also get so much, this pot is a 15ml pot.

Price- £2.99 AMAZING


This is another glitter gel and is just as beautiful, this pink holographic glitter gel is beyond beautiful and would look amazing with a black smoky eye or a purple/pink eye look. I’m going to do another eye look using this soon where you can see it’s true beauty! This pot is slightly smaller but still a decent size at 5ml.

Price- £4.00


This is a loose glitter and just like the others is stunning! This is a purple glitter with flecks of pinks and blues. I can’t wait to try this out and will also do another eye look using it. I’m thinking of doing a glitter wing with this, as it’s bold enough on its own. I’m in love with it. This glitter is very fine making it perfect for your eyelids as it won’t feel heavy and won’t irritate your eyes.

Price- £2.50

They also do very pigmented eye shadows which will be my next purchase!

if you are looking for some cheaper yet incredible glitters then click the link bellow and don’t forget to use creativelovelies at checkout for 10 percent off!!


I hope you enjoyed this look and I hope you enjoy the glitters just as much as I did!

Stay lovely!xx

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