Cool toned eye look

I have never really experimented with layers of blended eyeshadow before.

I always see these kind of looks on Instagram and they look so gorgeous!

I’m not the best at blending and I tend to stick to easier quicker looks.

I do love the outcome of the look but naturally looking at my own work there are certain things I would change.

I’m not the biggest fan of the shade of green I used at the top as I find it looks a little bit like a bruise, so next time I might just change the shade of green.

I’m also not a big fan of the purple glitter I used on top. Although the glitter is beautiful, next time I might use a normal pan glitter instead of a loose glitter.

Although this look isn’t perfect, I am proud of it.

It’s okay if your looks don’t look perfect when they’re finished, countless times I had spent ages on an eyeshadow look and hated it and ended up not posting it. However I want to grow with my followers and allow them to see my mistake and too keep practising and improving.

I hope you enjoyed this attempt and I’m looking forward to practising and uploading more of these kind of looks.

If you’re curious on any of the methods or products used for this look, please reach out and ask, I will respond with as much information as I can 😊

Stay lovely!xx⭐️

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