A birthday without you

Waking up to little feet running in the room.

Loving and appreciating the sticky glue presents placed on your lap. Glue and glitter all over the bed.

Smiling at the children with the missing tooth grins.

Looking through the card with mis spelt words and names.

Going downstairs to the overly milky tea and burnt toast.

Happy birthday mum.

Teenagers forgetting the special day.

Running to the shops to grab a bunch of flowers.

Sisters in toe with a bunch of yellow roses and cheap chocolates.

Waiting for the chocolates to be opened to pinch one or two

Hugs and kisses shared and thank yous received.

Happy birthday mum.

Two adult girls excited to please,

Carefully thought out presents in hope to see happy tears.

Finally able to appreciate how special a birthday can be.

Only this year mum you won’t be here to receive.

It’s your first birthday not here with us, we will share a toast about the amazing woman that we lost.

We will get dressed up and go out for a meal with the whole family, just like we used too do.

It won’t be the same it never will be but today is still your day it always will be.

The charm bracelet we bought you still secured to my wrist. I remember each charm, it’s own special gift.

We will cry those happy tears for you, as we reminisce about old birthdays. I feel lucky to have shared 19 birthdays beside you. The 15th of January the day the world met you. So until next year,

Happy birthday mum.

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