Winter train tuff tray

I will always have a tuff tray set up for the children at work. Sometimes the tray may take me up to 20 minutes to set up, however this one only took around 10 minutes.

It was so easy to do, yet the children loved it. They would often only play with the train set on the floor in the classroom. My tuff tray is outside under our canopy area, so the new setting helps the childrens imaginations bloom.

I also liked this tuff tray as it was chilly outside meaning the children could engage with the tray due to them being able to actually feel what they are imagining.

To make this tray I used-

Snow glitter

Trains and the tracks

Cotton wool

Snowflake sparkles

Pine cones

Cotton fluff

Plastic people figurines

To make the pine cones look more like snowy tress, I painted them green and dusted over some snow glitter.

Aswell as the children playing with the train set they also used their fingers to make markings in the ‘snow’ and made different trails.

Most of the materials I used I had already in my classroom left over from Christmas and all our winter crafts.

Of course you don’t need to be working in an early years setting to use a tuff tray. They are great for your younger ones at home. I will link bellow a great tuff tray.

Stay lovely!xx

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