Beanies coffee review

I love iced coffee, however getting it from coffee shops is pretty pricey. I also funnily enough don’t really like the taste of strong coffee and coffee shop coffee is always strong to me.

Of course with the circumstances of Covid-19 very few if any coffee shops are open.

I stumbled across Beanies and was very intrigued due to the different flavours they had. Ranging from cookie dough to Jaffa cake.

I ordered 9 jars for £20. At first I thought it was pretty pricey but each jar is 50g. I bought mine in a bundle however you can buy them individually retailing at £2.50 per jar.

There are so many flavours as well as standard coffee and milkshake mix’s.

The flavours I chose were:

Birthday cake

Sticky toffee pudding

Nutty hazelnut

Cookie dough

Cinder toffee

Creamy caramel

Double chocolate

Maple fudge

Jaffa cake

I personally found that I didn’t like the Jaffa cake or birthday cake as I found them very strong. However the other flavours were delicious.

I tried the coffee hot, however I personally preferred them 10x more when they were iced.

My recommendation would be to use 2 teaspoons of the granules when making it iced as the milk weakens it.

My favourite was the cinder toffee, I’m addicted!

I would defiantly recommend this coffee especially if you have a sweet tooth and are on the hunt for some different flavoured coffees.

The best part is they are only 2 calories per cup.

I will link the website below.

Stash Box

Keep safe and stay lovely!xx

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