Lemon drizzle cake ( very lemony)

Hellooo, Lemon drizzle cake to me is an absolute classic that a majority of people like. Its a favourite in my house, however my family like it with lots and lots of lemons. For ages I was looking for a good lemon drizzle recipe that really has a punch of lemon to over rule the... Continue Reading →

4 Baking tips for perfect bakes.

Hello Lovelies! I love baking however it can get confusing having so many different websites telling you what to do and what not to do. Here are my little tips in order to make baking more enjoyable,less stressful and more efficient! Step 1 Baking is a science! When baking you cant always just wing it... Continue Reading →

Amazing chocolate cookies.

I'm always searching for a really good cookie recipe. The kind of recipe that makes cookies crispy on the outside and chewy in the middle. ( what I would call american cookies) as a lot of British cookies are more hard and crunchy. As I was searching I found the BBC good food recipe. I... Continue Reading →

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