Easy at home gel manicure.

I love having my nails done however I hate spending £30 every month to get them done. I also have some social anxiety that makes me panic when getting them done, so if I can avoid both the cost and the panic then I definitely will. Also with my line of work I am ALWAYS... Continue Reading →

March Favourites 2019

Hello lovelies, Here are my favourites of march. Beauty- During march I was loving the Model Launcher safari bronzer. I've had this product for a while but never got round to using it. I LOVED it so much. I don't like an intense bronzed or contoured look and this did just the job for a... Continue Reading →

February Favourites (late)

Hello Lovelies, I thought I would start doing my favourites of each month to show you what I've been loving and something to recommend to all of you. Each month ill do 4 products; a beauty product, a skin care product, a hair product and then a random item I've been loving. Beauty- I have... Continue Reading →

WOW! GlossyBox March review 2019.

Hello lovelies! It's my favourite time of the month. My GlossyBox has arrived! I always get so excited to see this when I get home, its a nice little gift every month to treat myself with :). Here's what I got in my March- The empowerment edition box. Bellapierre: kiss proof lip creme- I love... Continue Reading →

Luna by Luna loose powder

Hello lovelies! I am always searching for a new setting powder that is- affordable, translucent and that ACTUALLY DOES IT'S JOB. I have skin that is both oily and dry so finding a powder that doesn't cling to any dry patches or exaggerate my already giant pores is a problem. I'm not to fussed about... Continue Reading →

OMG they’re amazing!

Hello my lovelies, Recently I have had a couple of new eye shadow pallets come into my possession. They are INCREDIBLE. The pigmentation is amazing and they're both so easy to work with. The pallets i'm currently loving are the Morphe 39A dare to create- artistry pallet and the Nars ignited pallet. This is my first time using eye shadow pallets... Continue Reading →

Venturing into high end make-up…

I've always used drug store make-up since I had started to do make up. I found the quality to be good and when its such an affordable price I never thought about spending £30 on a foundation when I could buy one for under £10. Recently I had, had some higher end make-up, make its... Continue Reading →

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