Easter eye look

Happy Easter! I hope everyone has a lovely Easter and is still able to enjoy the holiday. I love pastel colours all year round, so I was excited to be able to use pastels in an eye look. I do find it hard to work with pastel colours due to them not being as bright,... Continue Reading →

Sunset blend eye look

With everything going on in the world I thought I would do a cheerful and bright look. I’ve done a few orange blends but out of all of them I’m most proud of this one. I used the Jeffree Star jawbreaker pallet and the Jeffree Star blood sugar pallet. I adore these pallets and would... Continue Reading →

Winter train tuff tray

I will always have a tuff tray set up for the children at work. Sometimes the tray may take me up to 20 minutes to set up, however this one only took around 10 minutes. It was so easy to do, yet the children loved it. They would often only play with the train set... Continue Reading →

Blue blend

This blue blended eye look is one I haven’t often done. I usually stick with pinks or purples but I thought I would try something slightly different. I love the blue shimmer which was actually a highlight. I tried to do something different with my lashes by running a holographic glitter through them. In person... Continue Reading →

A birthday without you

Waking up to little feet running in the room. Loving and appreciating the sticky glue presents placed on your lap. Glue and glitter all over the bed. Smiling at the children with the missing tooth grins. Looking through the card with mis spelt words and names. Going downstairs to the overly milky tea and burnt... Continue Reading →

Purple smokey eye 🔮

My New Years resolution this year is to be more organised and to start uploading frequently and experimenting more. I don’t tend to do dark smokey looks as I find black harder to use. A lot of black eyeshadows go very patchy no matter what I do to them. However this time I used the... Continue Reading →


Cancer is a word we shy away from. It’s a word that terrifies most and causes grief among many. It’s not a word you want to hear when being used about a loved one. My mum was 49. You would look at my mum and she would seem healthy. My mum looked at herself and... Continue Reading →

Blood sugar palette

I’ve recently treated myself to the Jeffree star blood sugar palette and I adore it! This is the look I created. I added a sparkle wing just to add that touch of glitter I love. Stay lovely!xx

Easy Halloween eye 🦇

This look is so cute and so easy! I was able to do this in around 20 minutes. Perfect for a last minute Halloween occasion. I achieved my bat by using the bang beauty felt tip liner. I then just used a very thin make up brush and some make up remover to clean up... Continue Reading →

September favourites

I am so happy it’s getting colder. October is my favourite month so I’m happy we’re finally in it! September was a great month with lots of exciting things. Here are a few products I loved. Beauty- mascara I have had this mascara for ages in my draw that I hadn’t yet opened. I’m terrible... Continue Reading →

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